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About us

The original lineage of the sangrita

The sangrita Sangrita is that typical Mexican drink that usually accompanies tequila each served in a horse, it is almost like a ritual or if you prefer to call it that: as a tradition. The legend tells us that sangrita is the lady consort of the tequila, the elegant and discreet couple that does not eclipse the tequila and softens its burning flavor.

The sangrita had its origin in the famous tequilero state of Jalisco, in a bar run by Doña Guadalupe Sánchez and her husband José. That’s where it was offered to all the people who arrived, tourists, locals and lovers of distilled, tequila accompanied by a drink based on hot sauce, Citrus juice, English sauce and grenadine and gradually became more famous and became the inseparable companion of Mexican tequila. They liked the

Sangrita is traditionally the best friend of tequila, although nowadays it can also be considered as a delicious accompaniment to mezcal and beer as well as an ingredient to prepare delicious dishes.


Sangrita Castiza is a recovery of old traditions, based on a recipe of natural ingredients of fruits and vegetables that offer a perfect balance of flavor and tones for the wisest consumers of high-level spirits, mixology and contemporary food.

our history

Bienestar Líquido S.A. de C.V. proudly Mexican company, was founded in November 2017, with the aim of being a global leader in functional liquid drinks that enhance and promote Mexican culture, flavors and creativity.

The pillars that govern us are differentiation and innovation.

Our purpose is to provide consumers with specialty or niche products that meet unmet latent market needs.

We take full care of the details of elaboration and regulation that allows us to have competitive products at international level.

Sangrita Castiza is the first product and brand of the Liquid Wellness family.

Gourmet great taste and body

Sangrita Castiza is a drink made from tomato and citrus juice, a mixture of chilies, spices and condiments.

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Al ver la botella de Sangrita Castiza: "Me la merezco"

Jorge Creixell

Ahora sí, con Sangrita Castiza la noche estará buenísima.

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Sabe buenísima acompañada con Don Julio, sal y limón.

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